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Friday Morning TAO ‘OM

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Friday Morning TAO ‘OM
Friday Morning TAO ‘OM


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8:00 – 9:30 am EST 


Hotspot areas of the body show up as pain, stiffness and immobility following a night of sleep. This is an ideal time to drop into the body and gently visit and work through what shows up first thing in the morning. We are receptive in the morning and crave nurturing and nourishment.

We will invoke the support, the care and the inner power we all possess to transform the fog of morning stiffness and pain into relief, joy & bliss.  Its magnificent space to create in the body…and initiate the day.

TAO ‘OM is a held practice allowing you just enough guidance to find your own authentic way to provide yourself with exactly what your body needs.


Sessions are 1.5 hours long and are available for anyone and everyone to explore and participate in.

No experience is needed to join.  Simply come and join as you are.

If you made a contribution on the TAO ‘OM gofundme page, just use the promo code from the gofundme page Updates section when signing up for a session here.  You will not have to pay anything more than your gofundme donation.

Once you signup, you will receive a confirmation email that will include:

1. Zoom link to the session

2. All the details and guidance you will need for clothing, environment, props, etc in order to participate in TAO ‘OM sessions.

3. A short video primer to that will give you an introduction to the breath and movement methods that are used in this practice.  It is provided, not for mastery, but rather to offer a starting point for you to explore your body and what it needs from a gentle listening place.

4. A short audio primer invitation / incantation to initiate the psychic and energetic space for your TAO ‘OM practice.


I look forward to meeting you …back in your body


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