What is Movement Medicine?
What is TAO ‘OM ?
TAO ‘OM - The Tao Of Movement - is a method of learning to use and enjoy our body from a place of inner knowing in connected movement & breath. Learning to tune into that most compelling and informative inner channel...the one with all the answers...all the medicine. The method of TAO ‘OM changes the way we do everything & gives us the power to heal.
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Tao 'Om
How can TAO ‘OM help me?
Whether from doctors, practitioners, instructors & gurus...we rely too much on external sources for healing and guidance. The truth for what our body needs is held within our own body. Not without. The method of TAO ‘OM is about reconnecting to and utilizing our own sensorial intelligence and inner guidance to work through the pains & ailments that have accumulated in our body from self-neglect, over-use, and disconnected moving and living. Pain / limited mobility in back, neck & joints ...anxiety, depression, lethargy, etc ...all symptoms of being in a place of disconnection with our bodies and with our lives.
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