Tao Om Ian Ray

So much of the way we live consists of instructing the body what to do. We continually communicate qualified or unqualified instructions towards our bodies from trainers, teachers, professionals, doctors, from the demands of work  and from ourselves. The body is this great receptacle for all that we ask of it to absorb. It is also the instrument of our soul to play and dance in life. Without accrediting our body with the authority to feedback what it has taken in and express what is knows, we become very vulnerable to the instruction and its source.

No matter what the activity, if we live a life obligating the body to act solely as the receiver of our life’s demands, it will break down.

Our body needs to be given the freedom to express what it feels and what it knows.  

It’s knowingness is the blueprint to our wellbeing.

TAO ‘OM is the name I have given to a deep & connected experience of being in our body that we can access through a certain dimension of movement and breathe.  It is the way of reclaiming our body, our connection to it through our own individual TAO Of Movement 

I landed in this practice on a healing journey after decades of hard martial arts & rigorous training. My own prolifically strong body began to break down at the age of 43.  After visiting many external healers, I made the decision to go deeply inwards to figure out what this body needed to heal. I was committed to change the way I was doing everything.  I pursued the practice of yoga and I fell deeply in love with the world of free movement and freestyle dance. My Yin energies swept through my martial arts practice and all other parts of my life.  Going deep into a listening exploration of my body revealed all the pains that lay unheld, all that had been ignored and had gone unexpressed...this was the revelation. Being in communion with our body is compelling beyond any description I can offer.  

My body has become the healer, rejuvenating itself.

At 51, as I write this, I feel better and move better...far better... than I did at 25.

What I am calling TAO ‘OM is really just your own full access to yourself through the body.

Your access to yourself is truly the only thing that implicitly knows all of what you need to heal, to grow, to be strong and to live life fully.

This is not about certain movements.

This is not about me teaching you what to do.  

I am just the guide who can help show you 

where you can be found

By you.